2000 non-fungible avatars floating through the universe
on the Ethereum Blockchain in search for the eternity jewels.

TV Head Gang collection is a strategy Play2Earn game played at THE CLUBHOUSE in WORLD 42, besides Staking and earning $Marble’s get the gang assembled and kick it at home base!

By powering THE RADIO STATION with earned $Bling, the stations own DJ Klone helps your gang get the best out of World 42 with his wacky frequency experiments and unique Cloning Technology.
Flying around the station one can find a distinctive group of Buddy Birds waiting to be the gang companions, an epic adventure awaits.

At The TREEHOUSE activities and access include a custom Marketplace and legendary member Upgrades, Gang Gang!

See you on the other side


Clubhouse activities include puzzles and minigames to earn Marbles. Interacting with your TVHG's while holding Marbles stakes your member, which in turn stakes your Gang rewards, this will be done with one of our tokens called $Marble


Rocking with the Buddybirds
to 101FM with DJ Klone.
Coming soon


Gang upgrades and marketplace Coming soon


These flying companions can only be found at the Radio Station under the watchful eye of DJ Klone. Awaiting to join you and the gang on your virtual adventure in World 42.

111 roaming birds to catch and train, will they evolve...


Go head to head on the playing field together with buddies to uncover the 5 lost TV Heads scattered around the multiverse.
Strategy multiplayer madness for you and the gang, can you find the easter eggs hidden by the grand architect? A mystery awaits...

You’ll be able to play 2 earn, obtain rewards in PVE, and exchange your TVHG tokens in World 42 while keeping your world safe from corrupted agents waiting to take over..

Mobile Game - IOS - Android

An enrolment scholarship program where scholars can login to play PVE through a custom QR code will be integrated to aid the collective Gang vision. Community back to back.






Launch TV Head Gang Play 2 Earn | Research Lab | Reveal Marketplace | Beta Cloning Season opened | RadioStation Tunes Live | Exclusive TVHG Airdrop | Rarity Page Reveal

Release Buddy Birds NFTs | Pre-sale Soda's | List $Gang | Expand Community Clubhouse | IRL Event Poll | Play 2 Earn Launch: Marketplace

Community Chest | Govern Utility
Play 2 Earn Launch : Kicking it | Staking | $Marbles
Player vs Environment launch | P2E Launch: Cloning Facility | Exclusive Gang Giveaway $

Expand World 42 map | Release GangGang Expansion | Integrate Mobile utility | Augmented Reality Showcase | Scholarship Program | Play 2 Earn Launch : Player VS Player



Founder │ Creator


Co-Founder | Operations


Analyst │ Discord Hero


Marketing Manager


Insight │ Support


Game Developer




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White Paper



Total Supply | 100% | 520,000,000

Public Sale | 1.9% | 9,900,000

Public Sale | 1.9% | 9,900,000

Developers | 14.7% | 76,000,000

Partnerships | 6.3% | 32,800,000

In-Game Rewards | 38.5% | 200,000,000

Marketing/Incentives | 16% | 81,000,000

Ecosystem/Development | 23.1% | 120,200,000



A TVHG NFT acts as your game character in World 42, engage in play to earn adventures with the gang and non-fungible Buddy Birds as your companions. Your non-fungible Gang allows staking at the Clubhouse, cloning and liquid farming at the RadioStation, and a special OG perk granting early access to Dusty Papers releases.

The EggBezos collection, is exclusively unlocked for early TVHG holders, an epic mini collection that centers itself around an IRL event @ Rotterdam, the Netherlands and livestreamed on Twitch.tv | Keep an eye out for flying eggs on Eggbezos.com.

TV Head Gang running on the Ethereum blockchain aims to join the Metaverse through retro NFTs linked to solid utility, epic expansions and Gang Gang activities. All TVHG holders are welcomed into the Papers HUB that grant epic deals, whitelist spots and sneak peaks into more future project planning and releases.

TVHG members will have control over community decisions and project development, community back to back.

The gang is developing a virtual treehouse where your own personal NFTs can be showcased through VR and AR, get your gang together on the journey to the meta-verse.


All TVHG NFTs have free Intellectual Property Rights, providing you with the tools and creativity to utlitize the Gangs in any way, shape or form to live on forever in the minds, hearts and blockchains of the OG's.

The creative visions of the community and supporters is welcome and encouraged, see your gang members world wide.


To Be Announced

You'll require a Metamask wallet and Ethereum cryptocurrency for your mint of a TV Head Gang NFT. Favourable minting conditions applied through Dusty ERC-721 A smart contract. Review and connect to the Ethereum Network in your metamask.


2000 NFTs | TV Head Gang members

0.044 ETH | 1x TVHG NFT

111 NFTs | Buddy Birds - TVHG member companions

0.044 ETH | 1x TVHG NFT

Check our Discord for tracking price indexes


Once the minting is complete you will be able to find your TVHG NFT in your wallet you used for the purchase. Remember to refresh pages and update extensions.

For buying or selling after minting has completed, please check your Opensea Marketplace and refresh your wallet for your NFTs.

NEVER make purchases from non-official TVHG collections or non-official TVHG links, even for any of your future tradings.


A non fungible studio dapping itself into the arts, functionality and solid development by holding the vision of a web3 future for all

The Key? Blasting life into a pioneering era which starts with unique creations, solid utility that gives back to its supporters with the future prospect of a lasting name in our digital space.

The Dusty family is comprised of whole hearted international talented artists and developers holding the sole focus of becoming an anchor point of creation in our collective metaverse. We are all jointly working on establishing a Dusty brand through a variety of non-fungible projects.

We all are pioneers in our own communities.

By becoming a member of the dusty clan a solid network is created that wants to integrate equality with positive appreciation, fun activities with epic digital and international events and best of all a lasting Dusty trademark that can be part of all of our uncharted journey's.

The shift from a paper to a digital era where connecting, interacting and "living" through the developing metaverse worlds brings all of us to the next jump in making history.

We all are Dusty Papers